Treatment Areas

What can I help you with - and how?

I offer hypnotherapy for a wide range of issues including work stress, anxiety and combating unhelpful behaviours (e.g. help you stop habits including nail-biting and over-eating). I also help clients to achieve self improvement goals, deal with relationship issues and low mood.

I work in a brief, goal-focused therapy modus, which often suits people with busy lifestyles.

Depending on the individual case I also integrate relaxation techniques and mindfulness approaches. Like cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy all of these have a strong evidence base for their effectiveness.

Applying a skills training approach, I introduce you to self-hypnosis and other techniques which will empower you to sustain the treatment benefits into the future and help facilitate lasting change.

Here the treatment areas I mostly deal with:

  • Stress management, Burn-out symptoms, Resilience building
  • Anxiety
  • Addictive behaviours
  • Low mood, Emotional instability 
  • Low self-esteem, Confidence building
  • Relationship and Communication issues
  • Personal development, Self-improvement, Creative unblocking
  • Public speaking
  • Sleep disorders and Insomnia
  • Bruxism

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